About Us

Collabratory - A collaboratory, as defined by William Wulf in 1989, is a “center without walls”.

The word “collaboratory” is also used to describe an open space, creative process where a group of people work together to generate solutions to complex problems.

By fusing two elements, “collaboration” and “laboratory”, the word “collaboratory” suggests the construction of a space where people explore collaborative innovations.

Headquartered in Downtown Denver Colorado, COLLABRATORY is the lab for collaboration. 

Bringing all key artistic circles together to create the center for creation & innovation. 

Collabratory is Denvers newest adult dance & entertainment studio. Bringing some of Colorado’s most talented choreographers, artists & instructors together! Classes range from your basic ballet, to ballesque (the combination of Ballet & Burlesque). Everyday Hip hop to Urban Movement & Latin Fusion. This is an affordable and creative space for artists to come together to connect, collaborate, & create.


Collabratory at the THG Arts Building



2980 Curtis Street Denver CO. 80205 

(King Trimble Center Building)

2980 Curtis Street, Denver, Colorado 80205, United States